Helping a handicap friend identify.

by Steelers Fan
(Lehigh Valley PA)

My friend lost a leg and broke his neck so he really doesn't get around too well. His uncle from NJ recently gave him a grandfather clock. It's beautiful and you can tell it's old(my friend was a cabinet maker for 10+ years).

The problem is after having a few of us look around online we can't find anything about the clock with the words on the face and I looked everywhere I could. It's got a moon dial on the top which is something I had not even heard of before this but the clock it around 7ft on on the bottom middle of the clock face it says....

M.Wiec Satrup

That's all I have so if you can help it would be awesome. I've been trying to get someone to get to his house with a digital camera but all we have now is the regular pictures from a throw away camera.

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