Help Me Sleep!

by H. Mary
(New Jersey)

The whole shebang

The whole shebang

My husband and I purchased this clock for $25 at an estate sale this weekend and we are in love with it. I have been up all night trying to figure out how old it is and if we got a good deal.

I don't know anything about clocks to begin with but from my hours of searching tonight, I know that it's made by The E. Ingraham Company, Bristol CT, USA 1884 - 1958 (too broad of a time frame for my liking).

It's a "Drop dial" or "drop octagon" Regulator B. The thing is, I keep finding clocks online that are "sort of" like it, but not quite. Most in this body type are missing the intricacies of the wood and don't have the Roman numerals. It even has the key and works great.

If someone could tell me about my little piece of history I would appreciate it! Is it really as special as it seems???

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