Help me identify this mantle clock

by Jjami
(Conyers, GA)

Westminster Mantel Clock

Westminster Mantel Clock

A friend was moving and she said this clock was her mothers and her grandmothers before that. It has no name on the face plate and in the back on the mechanism it has Haller A.g. below that it has the number 12 on the left of the mechanism it has 35525.

It has a chime, a pendulum but it doesnt swing. I will get it repared but in the mean time I am going crazy trying to find anything about this clock!

A picture is added to help in the identifying. it has a clock key with it. It has what appears to be in actual handwriting inside 20 nov
and on the bottom its handwritten t-5 6-9 and below it it has bj-c.

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