Help Dating The Colonial Mfg Grandfather Clock

by Robert
(The Florida Keys)

Colonial Grandfather Clock

Colonial Grandfather Clock

The Grandfather clock was obtained from my wife's aunt who passed away.

We have checked the internet and have not found any info other than Colonial Mfg is out of business.

On the back of the clock housing the following is stenciled; 1657 and below CO-31 on the left back on the moldings is stamped the following; 1657 1/2(the slash looks like a T on its side, and then below, 54. On the other side of the case in the same position is the number "3" Just to the left on the backing a round relief circle that looks like a medallion was there and is empty now. On the back of the movement (3 weights pulling on chain) is stamped "COLONIAL MFG. CO and printed in a half circle below it is "MADE IN GERMANY", the movement has chime rods the clock stands a little over 6 1/2 ft tall. The weight cavity has a solid door

There are no other marking that I can find. The clock face is not signed and the upper part is a Moon Phase

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