Hello, got a Heco Clock

by Mike

Heco Mantel Clock

Heco Mantel Clock

I bought this at an auction. It's a Heco.

The inside chime mount has a 29 in the upper right, then below that centered is 166A. The A seems to be a larger font. Marked "Made in Germany" on the inside cover. There's an old piece of masking tape on the inside cover, it says "Cleaned and Rep 11-12-84."

It could be made out of cherry. There's no other markings that I could see.

It needs some TLC, it wants to run but the flywheel (???) is not spinning. It runs for about 30 seconds. The hinge needs some work as well. It's a 3 chime, not sure the tone pattern but it does play when I run it manually. I think it may be a Winchester with the 4 chimes on the quarter?

I was just wondering if it's worth spending a little money to get running, or did I make a bad purchase because I lost out on the item I really wanted to win at the auction?

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