Hamilton Grandfather clock

by Tom
(New Jersey)

I recently purchased a (MINT CONDITION) mid 1980's Hamilton Grandfather Clock from a local dealer here in NJ. It came with Original Paperwork showing it to be a "Washington" Model, solid mahogany with beveled glass front & sides.

The 8 day cable driven movement features triple rod chimes (Westminster, Whittington & ST. Michael). It has a solid brass dial w/24K gold plate scrollwork featuring a moon phase wheel showing a Lancaster County PA scene. It has solid brass weight shells & Lyre pendulum.

The dealer stated that the clock was high end during the time period when it was made & the case was true high grade furniture quality, made in Lancaster PA (Hoke Furniture Co) with wood thicknesses almost twice that of most clocks made today (Extremely heavy) which he said improves the sound of the chimes. He said the fit and finish of the case rivals the high end Canadian cases being made today.

He stated that the movement is a Kieninger (stamped "K 38" , 116 CM). He stated this movement is an older style, extremely thick and heavy duty and much higher quality than most of the "Throw away" movements on the market today.

He inspected/cleaned/oiled the movement and estimates it still has 10 - 15 years of continued use left before needing to be re-built. He said a complete re-build would cost approx $800.00 and would provide another 25 - 30 years of flawless operation with regular service every 2-3 years.

Any additional info on Hamilton Floor clocks (Orig retail, number of units made, current market value, Movement information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom

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