Great, Great, Great grandmother's clock

by Wendy Jones
(Goldsboro, NC USA)

The information found on the clock is "1/20/14 Bouquet No. 52 Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. Winsted, Conn USA".

It has all of its original parts. The glass on the front has a gold painting with a bird on it. It has an original oil can, the original pendulum attached, and the original crank. It also has another tool that looks like something to wind something with.

My 93 year old grandmother said it belonged to her great, great grandmother. It has a tag on the back and something written by hand on it that I can't read.

The clock is in perfect condition. There is a lot of wood with a big carved out area around the top of the clock.

Also, I found an empty snuff can inside :)

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