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Your Wall Clock
by: Bill

Hi Joe,

I can at least tell you that your clock was made by The New England Clock Company. It was probably made in the 1960's or 1970's.

The movement is German made. If the clock dial has Bristol, CT on it, it was made between 1958 and 1970. If the dial says Farmington, CT, it was made between 1970 and 1985.

New England Clocks made after 1985 were assembled in East Haven, CT.

I have the same clock
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know what type of pendulum this clock takes and it was made in Farmington. Also, what are the two screws for that are next to the chains that appear to be for some sort of adjustment; are the to regulate the movement or the chimes?


Same clock -- what is the value?
by: Mark

Hi, I have the same clock. It was passed down from grandpa. My wife doesn't care for it and wants to put it on eBay. Any idea of value?

Screw question...
by: Josh

FYI, the screws on the bottom are not adjustments, they are what mount the movement to the case.

Grandma's Wall Clock
by: Anonymous

I'm also wondering about the value of Grandma's Wall Clock. We've recently opened a consignment furniture store and have just received a clock like this....we're learning as we go....on the job training!

Grandma's Clock
by: Anonymous

Hi Joe....we recently purchased a clock like the one you pictured, in a little antique shop on the Cape. However it is missing a piece on the top. Your picture just cut off the top that would have identified what the missing piece looks like. Could you repost a full view picture of your clock to give us an idea of what to look for, for replacement? Thanks in advance.

Any idea of value?
by: Anita

Has anyone given you an idea as to the value of this clock. My boyfriends father has one he is thinking of selling, it's the same clock. I want to make sure he isn't getting taken when he sells it. Thank you very much.

gandma's clock
by: Tom

I don't know when you posted your question, but I bought that model of clock in 1974 or so and just hung it back up after being in the box for 15 years. It took a lickin' and still is tickin'.

New England Cuckoo Clock
by: Poohstir

I am looking for the original pendulum for the cuckoo clock that had a carved bird on the end along with 2 other carved birds. One placed on top of the clock and the other on top also but mounted on the wooden hanging strip. Thanks.

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