Great "Grandfather" Grandfather clock.

Antique Tall Clock

Antique Tall Clock

This is a very old clock that has meant a lot to my family. I'm not much of a clock guy but in my family this thing is a treasure.

It is hundreds of years old and it was first owned by my great great grandpa. On the back is has everyones name who has ever owned it very neatly carved into the back, with the date included. One of the dates on the back is 1812, and it is just amazing to look at. It's a very cool thing to see the names on the back and be able to date such a beautiful clock.

Its a great thing to wake up to everyday and get to see it still ticking away. I think something like this is a great idea for any family to have in their household and pass along. I can't wait to pass this along to my kids, and they to their kids, and so on.

The clock looks great in the house and it really gives off its old look. This clock will never leave my family and I love having it. It's a great treasure and a great pastime.

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by: Mary Johnson

I don't know anything about your clock except that looking at it, and reading the story gave me goosebumps. It's an incredible piece.

Long Case Clock
by: Robert S.

It is wonderful to read how attached your family is to this beautiful clock.Apart from keeping the history of your family,the clock has it's own history,and I think that you should find out about it for your, and the future owner's sake.Your can try this by yourself, or next time the clock is being maintained by an expert clock repairman,ask him to help you in this respect,you may get surprised.

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