Grandma's New Haven wall clock

by Ken Baker
(Pasco, Florida)

I recently inherited a clock that I've had trouble identifying.

I found this picture, but couldn't find any information to go with it. This is nearly identicle to the clock that I have except the face is slightly different. The face has a thin brown metalic square with a round hole cut out of the middle with the hours painted on it. The face has no makers name, or any identifying information on the clock period, except behind the face the clocks works have a stamp in the brass saying "British Manufacture New Haven trade mark".

Below this in large print is the number 15.

My grandfather was an antique hound and found this either out west, or more likely in Mexico.

Please any information would be greatly appreciated.

It doesn't work, but I'm told just needs to be cleaned.

For more information, or if you have any information about this clock please email me at

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