Grandma Lena's Clock

by Judy Orr Hawley
(McGregor, Minnesota, USA)

Lena's Clock

Lena's Clock

The dimensions of the clock are: 18-1/2" high x 11-3/4" wide x 4-1/4" deep.

Front of Clock:

- curved top with 3 flowers (8 petals ea) one at top, one on each end of curve. Top flower has 9 "rays" emanating from it; the other 2 flowers each have 8 rays emanating from them.

- wood is dark reddish coloring

- clock face has "PAT'D FX 18XX" (I can't read the "X" letters or numbers; The date might be 1879?)

- glass has ornate border (curved at the top, straight sides and bottom)of black with 4 red decorations (red decorations are located at center of top, bottom and each side; the 2 red side decorations almost look like round Christmas ornaments with diamond shapes traversing the center, the top and bottom red decorations consist of 2 connected diamond shapes-- each with another black oval-shaped Christmas ornament with a flower in the center)

- numbers on clock are black roman numerals, each 5/8" tall

- "ball" is a silver-colored tube-like structure with 2 smaller gold-colored tubes on each side. There is a small striated gold-colored ball at the top of ball. Ball is 4-1/4" tall.

- it needs to be wound daily

- it chimes on the hour

Tag on back of Clock:

1 day TAGUS
New Haven Clock Co.,

If the clock should go too fast, lower the ball;
if too fast, raise it.

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