Grandfather's Grandfather clock

by Michael Rhoads
(Baton Rouge, LA)

Grandfather clock

Grandfather clock

It was purchased somewhere in the Black Forest region of Germany by distant relatives in 1927. I have no idea if they bought it new or used.

Stamped on the inside of the case shows Westminster Chime and below that "Made in Wurtenberg" It has the number M1134 stamped on something that holds long rods.

On the back of the clock case it has the numbers PL 116 and below that PS 60. On the other side of this case is an Eagle sitting on top of a circle with the initials F M and S inside the circle. Underneath the circle is the number 12056.

I have tried dozens of web sites without any success in determining the maker of the clock or possibly when it was made. I would love to be able to find out this information to be able to have it available for my son when he eventually gets it.

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