Grandfather Clock

by Thomas Asbury
(Lady Lake, Florida, United States of America)

I have a Grandfather clock that is 6 feet 5 inches tall. No name is visable but the face of the clock is metal which looks to be bronze with embossed arabic numbers, and is 12 1/2 inches across. It also features military or international time in smaller numbers (i.e. 13 for 1PM, 14 for 2PM, 15 for 3pm, and so on).

It also has a large bird carved on each side of the face with their talons grasping a ball, and having grape clusters at the feet and throat of each bird. The birds are each 12 inches tall.

The case itself has a door w/clear glass measuring 36 inches long. The bottom of the case has a wooden front and is 16 inches high. The front legs are attractively curved wood of 6 inches while the back ones are more like square blocks.

The case is 10 inches on the sides and 20 1/4 inches across the front.
The top is round and appears to be made of solid oak construction.

Could anyone please hazard a guess as to the nationality of this clock? About when it was made? By what company?

I did neglect to say that the bronze face, weights, and pendulum have the same design on them and that the clock has a deep resounding strike and does not chime. It is designed only to strike on the hour and on the half hour.

The clock is equiped with rods versus the coiled wire.

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