Grandfather clock weights

by Sue

My Grandfather clock will not keep good time. I was told to check the weights, that they had a specific cable to hang on.

My weights are not marked; how can I tell which weight goes where?

Thank you, Sue

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by: Daveyclockit

Bill, I think you mean the lighter one goes on the "LEFT" that operates the hourly chime. Quartarly chime is usually on the RIGHT. (time one in the middle, usually the same weight as the left.).

Clock weights
by: Bill

Hi Sue,

I do not believe that your clock will not keep good time because the weights are in the wrong place. If they are, the usual problem would be that the quarter hour chimes would be slow, or not work at all. The reason being, the heavy weight almost always operates the quarter hour chimes.

On most clocks, the heavy weight goes on the right chain or cable as you face the clock.

The other two may be the same weight so it doesn't matter where they go, but if the are different, the lightest on goes on the right - where it operates the hourly chime.

Thanks for your question, Bill

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