Grandfather Clock (Howard Miller)

The middle weight runs down long before the

two outside ones.

Also the clock keeps good time but it strikes
15 min. later than it should.

Reply from Bill:

The middle weight is for the time portion of your clock, so if you turn the chimes off at any time, the two outside weights will not move during that time. This is normal.

As far as the chiming being 15 min later than it should, it sounds like the hands may have been removed. Try this:

Move the hands until the clock is on the hour, say 6:00.

Unscrew the nut holding the minute hand on and remove the minute hand and put it back on at :45.

Replace the hand nut and then move the minute hand up to the 12 and the clock should strike the hour as is normal now. (since it was striking 15 minutes late before)

Now all you have to do is carefully move the hour hand to point to the hour. (the number that your clock just struck). When moving the hour hand grab it near its center to keep from breaking or bending the hand. The hour hand is held in place by friction on the tapered hour pipe, so after you move the hand, if it is too loose, just push it further onto the tapered hub until it stays in place. (push it toward the dial, or face of the clock).

If this does not correct the problem you may need to have the clock serviced.

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Grandfather clock (Howard Miller)
by: Joanie LaTorre, Black Bear Clock Repair

hi, my name is Joanie LaTorre, from Black Bear Clock Repair in Sevierville, TN. I read Bill's comment to you regarding your Howard Miller Grandfather clock. I agreed with everything he said however, I have an additional comment to the first problem, the left and right weights NOT coming down. Bill gave you an explanation based on that you are silencing the clock. He is right, if you silence the clock, depending on the mechanism, the two outside weights will not more. But if they are not coming down and your clock is NOT in silent mode... you could have a series of things happening. The clock may need to be fully serviced, it may be solid of gunk preventing the mechanical movement from operating possible, you could have some wear in the strike or chime trains of the movement. If there is a problem with the strike, the clock will usually still chime... but if their is a problem with the quarterly chime, the clock will probably not strike either. - Joanie

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