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Kit clock?
by: Anonymous


We are considering buying a grandfather clock from the American Chime Clock Company and everything we see on the internet leads us to believe that this company sold clock parts and build it yourself kits. The clock we're considering is a great looking clock and doesn't look like a kit clock. Does anyone have any info or current values?

american clock company
by: Craig

I have a grandfather clock made by them. It dates from 1938. It was a fine clock company located in Philadelphia. In fact, i still have the 1938 receipt describing the clock in detail. It was not a kit. hope this helps!

American Chime Clock Co.
by: Anonymous

We also have a grandfather clock from the American Chime Clock Co. Do you know what happened to the company and are the clocks of value?

American Chime Clock Company
by: Russ

I have one of these grandfather clocks. It was a wedding gift to my great Aunt in 1930.

It has workings similar to a Herschede 9-2-1.

I'm looking for someone to repair it. The head of the NJ clockmaker org last repaired it in 1985, but he is now retired.

He told me it was worth $20,000 then.

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