Goodwill find

by Liz
(Dallas ,TX)

I bought a Seth Thomas quartz wall clock with Westminster chimes at a goodwill store. The battery had been left in it, but I cleaned it up as best I could & the clock part now works and appears to keep good time.

But the problem now is that I don't know how to set the chimes & don't know if it will even work. It looks like there could be some battery corrosion built up inside the bottom of the little movement case. I don't know how to take the back off that case or even if it comes off.

If I knew how to set it, it might work. It has a test button which doesn't work. It has hour & minute buttons but not sure how to set those. It has two other buttons--start & set and on & off.

The pendulum is missing but the arm where it connects swings back & forth.

The label on back says Talley Industries, Norcross,Ga & it has some numbers stamped on the label.

Can anyone tell me how to set chime or take back of compartment to try to clean it. Thanks, Liz

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