Goodwill Find

by Whitney
(Benton, AR USA)

My husband recently brought home a small clock that had caught his eye at the local Goodwill Store. It has a 4.25 in. square face possibly made of brass or tin with Roman Numerals. In the center of the face directly under the hands it says:


Centered at the bottom of the face it says:


The paper tag on the bottom of the casing has been partially removed, but the remaining part of it has the words SETH THOMAS in the center with THOM underneath in black ink on what appears to have been a red or orange background with a gold border. That is really all I can tell about the tag as about half is missing.

The casing is made of wood (possibly oak), & is like that of a Cheval Mirror (the standing mirror that swivels up & down) The entire clock (stand & all) measures 7.75 in. across the base & 7 in. across the top, & is approx. 7.75 in. from top to bottom including the 4 small round wooden feet. It also has 3 finial knobs on the top. One in the center of the frame of the clock & one at top of each arm of the cheval-type stand.

I can't post any photos at this time, but I will add them as soon as I am able to.

My husband says he believes it has the marking of 103A on the bottom of the stand. I am guessing this is to possibly identify the clockworks themselves.

He sort of has an affinity for clocks & other timepieces, & we have acquired several different clocks, watches, & hourglasses over the last 8 years & would like to gather information on them as we can.

I doubt that any of them would make us wealthy if we were to sell. We are just curious as to what we have as I have a small collection of other antique items of my own that I inherited from my grandmothers.

We would appreciate any input we can find.

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