Gilbert 1807 Mantle clock info needed

by Lynette Hedin
(Oak Ridge, NC)

I have a Gilbert 1807 mantle clock that was my grandfathers. It seems to be running okay but I need instructions on how to care for it and winding instructions. The chimes are off too. It will chime five times at 1:00 and six times at 2:00. I need to know how to fix that. If I could get an instruction manual it would be great.

Thank you

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chime adjustment
by: Anonymous

If you move the hour hand over the 12 it will chime on the hour it is set to. Move it back to the eight and keep repeating this until when moved to the 12 it chimes the number of times you want. That's how 2 of mine are adjusted anyhow.

Gilbert Clock
by: Bill

Your clock is most likely an 8-day clock. You should wind it fully once a week, preferably on the same day every week.

The hour hand is held on by friction on its shaft and can be moved to the correct hour by carefully turning it by hand until it point to the correct hour. Some clocks have a small wire hanging down that advances the chime each time it is pushed up. If your clock has this wire (which usually hangs just below the movement) just keep pushing it until the chime catches up witht he hour hand.

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