Germany coo coo clock

by Michael Fogarty

My uncle gave me this clock. It is a great looking piece, but I have no idea about it or who made it.

It semi-works....... I'm not sure how to use it but I did get the gears to move around, it also coo-cooed and played a tune. There is a spring in the back but I'm not sure what to connect it to; nor do I see where it could possible connect.

I know it was made in Germany, I beleive sometime in the 1940's, maybe 1943 if what seems to be a date on the inside of the door in the back turns out to be a date, also a hand writen #34 is clearly readable on the inside.

There is a sticker that reads "Kaiser Walzer 78" on the back of the top left side.

Does anyone know anything about this clock?

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