by John Simpson
(Denver, Colorado)

Figure 1 Front

Figure 1 Front

Picked this up at a recent garage sale. Face plate has name Thwaite & Reed but no other identification.

This has a ball bearing driven clock mechanism. Balls loaded onto a race on the top of the clock drop through a hole onto a notched wheel. The weight of the ball bearings are enough to drive the clock mechanism.

As the notched wheel turns, new balls drop onto the wheel. Expended balls fall out onto a felt covered tray on the clock base.

This clock has a missing ruby bearing for the balance wheel and the hairsping is bent. Would like to know year of production, numbers produced, and source for possible replacemant of bearing/hairspring.

Figure 1 is of the front face.
Figure 2 is of the top ball race.
Figure 3 is a side view.
Figure 4 is a rear view (one ball beaering can be seen).

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