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French wag on wall clock
by: Anonymous

Cannot trace Tavernier as a French clock maker. if Tavernier appear on the clock face it will not be the maker but the original retailer of the clock. Manufacturers only stamp the clock works on the rear.
It looks like the inside workings of a French Comtoise clock (eg French grandfather clock). I have one working in my Hall in France. The orginal wooden case may have deteriorated beyond repair and been lost. They were made around the late 1800's to early 1900's. Likely value I guess around maybe $750.If you check EBay France and track Comtoise Horloge (French Grandfather Clocks)you will get a better idea of value.
Hope this helps

by: Matthias

Hi Anonymus,
I opened the back of the clock and found no marks or initials on the clock movements indicating the clockmaker, but on the back cover I found scratched in the metal:
JG X91 or JP X91. I have found the following info on the web:
Jean-Pierre Tavernier, maƮtre in 1746
Louis Tavernier (1754-1840) was the son of the renowned watchmaker Jean-Louis Tavernier and worked closely with Abraham-Louis Breguet.
Could it be a clock by Tavernier??

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