French Marble Mantel Clock I Love

by Connie

French Clock Movement

French Clock Movement

Hello Bill-

Thanks for your comments about the clock I posted. Still haven't purchased it as I am new to this and a little nervous about buying a clock that doesn't work, not knowing the cost of repairs.

All I do know is the owner said it needs a new spring. Do you know what I could expect to pay for that? I don't know if the escapement is a problem as you mentioned could be a possibility.

I have some great close up photos of the insides of this clock. Any way I could e-mail them to you for your opinion?

I do love the look of the clock, but am a little nervous about investing in a money pit! The antique store has a price of $225 on it and they said the owner is firm. I can still try to negotiate. I don't mind paying $225 if that is a fair price taking the repairs needed into consideration. I will need to take it to a local marble cutter to see if I can get the 2 side panels on the base replaced also. Hopefully that won't be too much. I will try to send one of the photos here.

Thanks so much for your help and expertise.


Reply from Bill - Hi Connie, You can e-mail me directly at

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