Franz Hermle Mantle Clock

by Charles
(Daphne, Alabama)

Hermle Mantel Clock

Hermle Mantel Clock

Hello. I am happy to have found your site. I am attaching some pictures of my mantle clock which is in need of some parts.

My parents purchased this clock a good while back and I received it after their death.
I am not sure if it still works. But, I am trying to find out if parts are available for it. It needs a new glass front and the key for winding it up.

All the information I could find on it follows:

Franz Hermle
Made in West Germany

If anyone can tell me a little about the clock, I sure would appreciate it. I know it has a beautiful chime. If the above listed parts are available, please let me know price etc.
Thanks for your inputs.


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Looking for name
by: pauline

A friend of mine has recently found a clock identical to your clock. Can you tell me the name and date of the clock? The clock found, has no markings on it other than the makers name, Hermle.

by: Anonymous

I have the same o'clock inheritancefrom my grandmother

8 day clocks
by: Anonymous

I have seen many key wind clocks go through Goodwill. Most if not all were wound tight and didnt run. I finally bought 2, a Hermle Mantel clock and a nice Howard Miller schoolhouse. Both are 3 hole 8 day, and were wound fully with no movement. I paid 5.00 and 15.00. I used some carborator cleaner and WD40 and let them sit over a couple nights. That was it!! both work perfectly. You can do the same! (but not by my house!!)

Nice Clock
by: Rick

I feel very fortunate to have found one here in Germany. Very cheap and I'm thrilled at the $300 value! I'm in the Army stationed in Heidelberg. I use German ebay to try to find parts. I'll do a search today and see what I can find.

Hope this helps
by: Mark

Finding a glass is not a problem but finding a bezel is.
I would get a #8 clock key and wind the clock first to see if it will run.

If you want to replace the movement.

The value of this clock in working condition is
maybe $300 if that is any help.

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