Franz Hermle 2 plastic cogs

Main extended cog

Main extended cog

I have the above mention clock it was given to my parents in think in the early 80's as a gift. It's a beautiful wall mounted dark wooded clock with to long chains with brass weights on them.

The only 2 plastic cogs in the clock are broken so the clock is now only right twice a day instead of all day.

I will try and attach a picture of the 2 cogs you will see that one is a rather odd shape. Any advice where I can purchase these would be greatly appreciated.

I'm living in Dublin Ireland, and as the 2 cogs are on the outer side of the mechanisim once supplied I would be able to install them.

Thanks a million.

Kieran Walsh

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Plastic gears
by: Bill

These gears are fairly common and can be supplied by most clock shops. However, buying a new one could be a problem. There are many, many sizes and types, so most of us use parts from used movements. For that you will probably need to provide the old gears to be matched.

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