Found Clock

by Esther Kurtz
(Sweet Home, Or)

This clock I found in an abandoned house I was hired to clean. Things were piled three feet high in most rooms. I had to go through things piece by piece. That was a good thing or I would have missed the clock. It was in pieces!.I first found the face and was interested immediately.

My Father loved clocks and in his later years bought a number of antiques. So I saved every piece I found, my husband thought I was a little crazy, I took it to a clock man, before he was finished putting it together he sold his business and next fellow did not do a good job, and charged me a lot, but this is what I know.

It was built by William, Orton, Preston and Co. , Farmington, Conn. It is an Eight Day Brass Clock, pillars on the side, a bottom door and a top door with a divider the bottom piece has a mirror and the top is the clock face it has a weight on each side to wind the clock. The bottom door has a paper inside that identifies the maker.

I will try to get a picture on as soon as possible. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


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