Family Clock...

by Ashley Scott
(Pasadena, Tx)

I recently obtained an old clock that was once my Great Grandfather's clock. As a child, it was something that meant a great deal to me and still very much does. Sadly enough, I actually know very little about it, such as, I'm not even sure what brand of clock it is.

It has no distinguishing markings, like name or anything of the sort. But what I do know is that:

1. it has roman numerals on the face

2. On the outer edge of the roman numerals it has 1-31 in red

3. It is a pendulum clock that chimes every hour and every half hour

4. Its shaping is very similar to that of a Regulator clock with an octagon top and an upside down pentagon on the bottom where the pendulum is

5. On the face right under the VI in tiny letters it says 'Made in Korea' on the back near the bottom there is a "burn/stamp" that also says 'Made in Korea' just under a white sticker that says:


6. It has a key that winds the clock which on the face has 2 key holes.

7. On the face there are three hands, one of the hour, one for the minutes, and one with a red crescent moon at the end for the date.

I took it to a shop today to have some minor repairs done to it and there I was told that it was a Schoolhouse Calendar clock, but I was told that it was much smaller than what was/is usually used.

Its only about 22 inches from top to bottom give or take a few inches. Other than that this is all I know of the clock. Everything that is with it is original.

I'm more interested in what type of clock it is, what time frame it is from, and curious as to an appraisal, not that I would sell it, only wishing to know for my own mind set.

If any information is known please let me know. Thank you in advance. As of right now, I do not have any pictures but I do plan to have some in the near future.

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