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by: Bob, AZ

I have the same marking on my Seth Thomas #2 Regulator, which also has the number "136" stamped into its wood.

Any identification for this marking would be appreciated.

EJS Logo
by: Glynn

I also have a schoolhouse clock with a paper dial that has the same EJS logo. I see no reference to Seth Thomas on my clock, however. I have been wondering, for some time, about the age and origin of this clock. I think that these were lower priced versions of Seth Thomas clocks. It's a family item that was passed down to me from my Grandmother. I never had the presence of mind to ask her about the age and origin when she was living.

More about EJS
by: Glynn

I just found the following information within a description of a lock that is for sale:

Back in the day, not all these clocks had dials marked Seth Thomas. The clock face is clean and well preserved with the logo of the E. J. Swiggart Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. Many antique clocks include a Swiggart dial. His initials seem to be a mystery to some antique dealers. But research articles by the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors document his services to the industry in the 19th Century. This clock has a Swiggart dial and the initials are EJS.

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