E. Ingraham "Electra" 19th Century Black Mantle Clock

by Hermann Reese
(Mexico City)

Ingraham Black Mantel Clock

Ingraham Black Mantel Clock

The story about this clock is actually the lack of any references to it. The name "Electra" was extensivley used later on, in the 20th century, for electric clocks. But for this one, I have found neither pictures or any other references or information.

It came to me because I bought it through an auction, and it does have a "personal history", as there are some hand inscirbed names and dates on the inside of the back cover. It says:
"Mary Vogele" and "Sept. 26 1906" on the outer rims of the cover. In the center part is inscribed: "Nick + Albert", further down "Married Feb-11 1920 Wednesday at Corry Pa", and in different handwriting, on one of the rims "Georgia Cary". I'd be guessing a lot, but.. could it be that.. Mary Vogele got the clock as a gift in 1906, then married in 1920, had sons Nick and Albert?

Anyway, the reason I am posting the picture is in order to know more about the clock itself. The label says "E.Ingraham Company" and references patents form 1884 and 1883. Was it made around 1890? Why is there no date stamping on the works? Any references or information will be very much appreciated.
Best Wishes!

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