Dover 7" E Ingraham

by Kalene

When my husbands grandmother died it was found in a closet. She was 101. It says Ingraham eight day in the center of the clock face.

The pendulum is silver with a large I on one side and what looks like a clock with a pointed top on the other side. I would guess it is walnut wood and it is a curved design inclosed clock. A lot of them that I have seen have glass fronts and this one only has glass on the door of the clock face. It has a lable inside the wood door.

The label says THE-E-INGRAHAM CO- and directions for unpacking and setting up clock. A wood (circle) handle that turns a small medal piece that catches to keep the door shut.

It is a beautiful clock to me..has a weird chime. Sounds like someone knocking on the door..haha Would like to know more history and such on it.

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