Cuckoo keeps going

by Kevin
(Jefferson, MA)

My Black forest cuckoo clock chimes 13 times at 1:00. Everything else appears to be ok. IS this an easy fix?

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by: Kevin

Thanks for the laugh!!!

You are right it does not help but it did bring a smile to my face.

I'm just saying....
by: Anonymous

While I realize that this comment is not helpful: if I had the opportunity to purchase your clock, the "clock strikes thirteen" would actually be a great selling point! I guess this proves that I do indeed march to the beat of a different drummer....

Cuckoo Clock
by: Bill

The fix is easy, but it's the disassembly and re-assembly and the time it takes to do it that causes the price of cuckoo repair to be higher than most other clocks.

Still, any clock shop can repair this problem, but it is not a diy type repair.

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