Cuckoo clock information needed

by Jaimi R.
(Yakima, WA, USA)

8 day Regula E. Schmeckenbecher

8 day Regula E. Schmeckenbecher

I recently found two cuckoo clocks at a yard sale. The only things they're missing are the pendulums, and chain weights that I can tell.

The first one is an E.Schmeckenbecher-8 day Regula, the other is a D. Hones Titisee-Neustadt, Regula. This one is missing a chain.

Do these just need the pendulums, and weights to function? I am not savvy at all with clocks and would appreciate your help.

Thank you,

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I just found a Titisee Neustadt too!
by: Anonymous

Mine has the weights but no pendulum. The way the clock works is that the weights (there are usually 2 or 3) move the mechanics along. The pendulum is what regulates how fast or slow the movement is. The weights are what is used instead of a winding mechanism. For your clock to move, you need at least one weight (on the time keeping chain) and for it to keep accurate time you need the pendulum.

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