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Cuckoo Clock
by: Anonymous

Yes, but, most collectors call them Novelty Clocks. I have 4 or 5 like yours pictured and love to watch the little lady in the swing bounce up and down.

Bruce S.
Scheller, IL

cuckoo clock?
by: Anonymous

What you have is the infamous bouncing dolly clock.Worthless as a timekeeper,but fun to watch.You could amuse, or annoy, your cat for hours with one of these. Hope this helps

I have two of these
by: Grant

Hi my name is grant im 19 years old learning to be a horologist a horologist is someone who fixes, and learn the history of time and different clocks. you have a small cuckoo clock the weights are just there for looks and you need a key for it to keep the time you wind it up put down the girl a little then let her go and she goes up and down and thats how it works and it is made in Germany. And I have two of these

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