by Roger

I am missing a weight on a recently purchased grandfather clock. I need to purchase another, but know they come in all shapes and sizes. The two weights that I DO have, weigh the same. Should I get the third weight the same as the others or is there more information I need to ascertain before I make a purchase? Thanks for any help on this!


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by: Rlgdguy

Bill, thanks for the reply. Since my post, I have found quite a bit of information out. The other two weights are 4.7 lbs. The 3rd weight needs to be 7.7 lbs. Now i just have to find the best deal on a 7.7 lb weight. Thanks again. I am looking forward to hearing the clock chime without my help.


Clock Weights
by: Bill

On most of these three weight chime clocks, there are two weights that weigh the same, and the third weight is much heavier.

The heavier weight is for the 1/4 hour chime and is located on the right as you look at it from the front. You can try hanging one of the weights you have on the right, then turn the minute hand to get it to chime on the 1/4 hours. If it does not chime, or chimes very slowly you will know to get a heavier weight.

Supply houses such as also sells the 3 weight sets with one heavier weight and two lighter ones that you can buy.

Hope this helps you out. Bill

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