Clock Ringing Wrong!

Ok, here goes!

Mother in laws old clock, she ID'ed it as follows:

" New England Clock Company, 8 chime Wind
Buffalo, New York "

She has had it for many, many years, and winds it faithfully, of course. Well, not exactly sure what happened, but some how or another, the nut that holds the minute hand in place came off, and she put it back on. Now, the clock rings 7 times for 8 pm, etc. or something like that, I have not seen it.

I tole her to let it run down, and start from the beginning, thinking this this would help, but when it does finally run down, what time does she start at?

John C Curtin

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re: set clock hands
by: Anonymous

Line the hands up with the strike, when it strikes, line the hour hand up correctly.

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