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I have an identical one
by: rick

I have one just like this that i am trying to fined the value of I bought it in a garage sale for $40.00 I know it is woth more than that but it was wound too tight by an idiot friend can you help me find the value Thaanx Rick

The unknown clock
by: Alon

To date, no one responded to the picture of the clock but you.
I have no idea about its value but it is clear that he was from Europe, Because my parents came from Yugoslavia in 1948.
If you find something let me know please.

any writing on the inside movement?
by: Anonymous

Hi - is there anything engraved on the inside movement?

These are common mantle clocks used during the early and mid parts of the 20th century. Many had small pendulums hanging from their mechanisms in back. Some were strike clocks - those that struck a gong every hour or half, others that also included a chime that played part of its bar for the 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 then full for the hour.

Values differ based on manufacturer, and also if its a chime/strike clock or not.

So we really need to know who made the movement, and who made the clock case. It should be written somewhere. If not, it may be just a cheap movement and case and not worth all that much - as the finer makers always marked their goods.

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