Clock given to W. B. Stone on the British Queen

I have a clock that has a plate that states it was presented to Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stone on the British Queen by friends and customers in high esteem and regard. Nov. 1, 1939.

A jeweler here in town said that it probably was a gift from the queen and certainly made by a clock smith approved by the queen.

He also said he would charge 600.00 just to fix it. (IT WORKS) Just giving you information.... My thoughts were that perhaps its worth is at least that, if that's the price to fix it.

It has 3 different chimes. It has a wooden, rounded top on a square bottom base. The wood is oak. It's a mantel clock.

Can anyone tell me anything about it? Do you have a clue as to how I might locate a member of the Stone family?


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