Clock from Abandoned House!

by Mariah

A couple had moved out of their house and left all of their stuff behind. My husband and I were the first to go through the house. We found a lot of things, but none were as beautiful as the Plymouth, key wound, wooden mantel clock, made by Seth Thomas.

We have no idea how much it's worth and would like an estimate. The clock is is a 1900 to the 20th centry, wooden casing and I think it's called a Westminster Chime clock.

The case is wood Tambour style, has all the original parts, including the brass key and is a mantel clock. The serial # is 5636 then there is a N/W on the right side of the door. I belive the series # is 891. In the bottom right hand corner, their is an inscription that reads; Z-23-C, which I have no idea what it means.

The directions at the top reads as follows: "Covering clocks equiped with No. 891 Series 8-day pendulum movements," I also wonder what "8-day pendulum movements" mean. if any one has any information, please tell.

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