Chimes one hour ahead of the actual hour

by Debbie

I have a grandfather clock from the Black Forest in Germany, not an antique but a reproduction. It keeps the right time but is now chiming one hour ahead. For example it's 1pm and it chimes two times. I'm afraid that this is my fault. I think I wound the hands backwards when the time changed in the fall. Is there a way to fix this? I've tried stopping the clock and when it chimes placing it on the time that corresponds but it always chimes one hour ahead. I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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by: Debbie

Hi Bill,
Thank you so much! Your suggestion worked and now my clock is chiming correctly. Thanks again!

Chime Sync.
by: Bill

Hi Debbie,

This is a very easy fix for most clocks. The hour hand is held in place by friction, so just move the hand to the correct hour by carefully rotating it on its shaft. Some are very tight, but should move with a little pressure. Holding the hand close to the center shaft will reduce the chance of breaking the hand off as sometimes they become very tight after not moving for many years.

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