Chimes on kitchen clock ring intermitently

by Paul
(Frankfort, KY)

E. N. Welch Kitchen Clock

E. N. Welch Kitchen Clock


I recently had service performed on the clock shown. The gentleman advised that it is an E.N. Welch kitchen clock. Service included cleaning, oiling and adjusting. The clock had been dormant for a long time.

He showed me how to re-synch the chimes using the lever or simply moving the hour hand which is a friction fit on the shaft. He also advised me to fully wind the clock weekly to avoid the chimes getting out of synch.

The clock has run down completely more than once. I can get it to strike correctly for the first few times (hourly and on the half hour) but sometimes the hour will pass w/o striking. This throws off the sequence and then within 2 hours the chimes are behind though the time is accurate.

Will this require another overhaul?

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