Chimes Not in Sync

by Donna Parlaman

German Mantel Clock

German Mantel Clock

This clock belonged to my husband's grandparents and my husband died 2 years ago at age 64. The clock has Westminster chimes, but the chimes are off.

At the first quarter hour you get the 3/4 hour chime and so on. I note inside the back door, it indicates this clock was serviced and refinished in 1979, so it probably needs cleaned, in addition to fixing the problem, which occurred after the clock was moved numerous times during home remodeling.

I got your card when I was at an antique store in Crystal River and asked about clock repair and you happened to be there that day.

I live in Homosassa, so getting together with you would not be a problem, if you can't give me advice on how to fix this situation.

Many thanks for your assistance and response

Donna Parlaman

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timing chimes
by: Mark Woodcock

From your discription it sounds as if the minuite hand has been removed and reinstalled 180 degrees out of time.

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