Chime timing will not stay correct

by Patty
(Bristol, VA)

I have a Vienna Regulator probably from the early 1900s. It chimes the hour and once on the 1/2 hour.

We recently recieved this clock as it is passed down in the family. The clock was not working correctly and has been recently cleaned etc. to get it working again. It has worked fine for about 2 months.

Then it started to chime one hour behind the actual time. The clock was keeping the correct time just not chiming the correct time. I stopped the clock, moved the hour hand back one hour and restarted it when it was the correct time. Now only one week later it is off again. This time however, it is 2 hours behind. Again, it is keeping the correct time just not chiming the correct time.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. It has alot of sentimental value and I would like it to work but am nervous about getting it repaired.

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Finding a good shop
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comments. I would rather someone who knows what they are doing to fix it - I would probably make it worse. How can I find a good shop? Do I just ask if they have experience with these types of clocks? Thanks again.

Chimes not correct
by: Bill

From your description, it sounds like the lift arm that triggers the hourly chime is not lifting quite high enough to trigger the strike each and every hour. Therefore, it "misses" striking every once in a while. Every time the clock does not strike the hour, it becomes one more hour behind.

I don't know how mechanically inclined you are, but this problem is corrected by actually bending some of the linkages and arms inside the movement. The problem is, when bending one piece, it affects the adjustments of the others, so you can end up making matters worse.

I suggest taking it to a clock shop, where the repair should be fairly easy and not too costly.

Thanks for posting, but to try to explain this linkage here would take pages. Bill

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