Ceturion 35 day clock acting weird

by Molly
(Virginia Beach, Va)

I have recently adopted this grandfather clock from my grandfather. After I hung it up I noticed it wasn't chiming. I googled why and the answer was to turn the hands clockwise to the time I wanted.

I did so and now it chimes. It will only chime correctly on certain times. I noticed at 5:00 yesterday it only chimed 4 and at 11:00 last night it only chimed 10. Every other time so far has been correct. And it chimes once on the half hour.

Also when it is chiming the motor is really loud, it almost over takes the chime. When I was winding it yesterday the key hole on the left wound fine and came to a stopping point. The key hole on the right I can still turn but when I do there is like a grinding noise, I don't know if this has anything to do with the motor being really loud. Other than that everything else is fine.

Please help?

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