Carriage Clock

by Amanda

Carriage Clock

Carriage Clock


Who can help me with identifying this carriage clock which was passed down to me?

It is a brass carriage clock (as per photograph). There is no easily readable name of the maker. Although there appears to be something engraved on the inner back plate but I cannot read it at all and do not know how to take the back plate off.

The double key that comes with the clock states "made in England" the number "6" and the letter "P" inside a spade shape. I presume rightly or wrongly that the number 6 refers to the size.

On the top dial it says "S" what appears to be "II" and "F". I have a feeling that "S" refers to slow and "F" to fast, am I right?

Can anyone tell me anything else please about who might have made it, it's age etc? Also it does not seem to work although I am very cautious when winding it as I don't want to over wind it, has anyone got any tips about what I should do, I'd like to try and get it going.

Thanks a lot.

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