Broken Dulciana Session Mantle Clock

I have always loved antiques and I found a Dulciana mantle clock at the local thrift store. It was made by the Sessions Clock Company and is an Eight Day, Turn Back, as indicated in the label. The pendulum, the keys and the glass are missing. I know you can purchase these parts in the internet but I don't know the exact specifications (for example, the key size or type). If you can help me it will be greatly appreciated

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Broken Dulciana Session Mantel Clock
by: Joanie LaTorre, Black Bear Clock Repair

P.S. Here is some information for you about your clock maker.....
Bristol-Forestville, Conn. Founded 1903. One of the largest clock companies. Plant was on East Main Street in Forestville. This is the continuation of the combination of former clock companies amalgamated by E.N. Welch in 1855, which included the J.C. Brown interests, Manross, and the Birge Companies. After the death of Elisha N. Welch in 1887, the business languished for a number of years. William E. Sessions was in the foundry business in Bristol. In 1903 he purchased the company, reorganized it, and made it one of the largest modern producers of Connecticut clocks.

Sessions Clock Co. Bristol & Forestville, 1903-56
The Sessions Clock Co. 1956-68
The Sessions Company Plant closed in 1970. Name now used as a TRADEMARK.

- Joanie LaTorre

Broken Dulciana Sessions Mantel Clock
by: Joanie LaTorre, Black Bear Clock Repair

hi, my name is Joanie LaTorre and I am the owner of Black Bear Clock Repair in Sevierville, TN. Many people loose keys to clocks and literally millions of clocks in the world of taking different sizes and styles of keys. The sizes of clock keys are measured in millimeters... making it very difficult for any clock person to just "hand you a key" to a clock. most clock people, if they have your clock in front of them can match a key to it quickly, however. The winding arbor that they key fits over is square and you would need to measure, as precisly as possible, across the front of this little square in millimeters. This measurement must be accurate. If your key is too large, it will round out your winding arbor over time and damage the clock. If too small, it will not wind it at all. The bezel style and clock determine if your glass would be flat glass or convex and the measurement. The pendulum style also pends the clock style. When was the last time the clock was fully serviced? What state is the clock located in? - Joanie

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