Blessing Alarm Clock made in West Germany.

by Vickie Lomon
(Ketchum, Oklahoma)

Blessing Jade Clock

Blessing Jade Clock

I ran across a clock at a garage sale that absolutley caught my eye. I knew it had to be an antique, but just was guessing, I am still not certain if it is an antique?

But anyway, the front of the Face says Blessing, back stamped West Germany. It has a Jade base with three cherubs blowing trumpets, then on standing on the pillar of the jade is two angels one faceing east and west with a cherub blowing a horn.

I paid forty dollars for it? Can someone tell me something about my clock. It's an alarm clock.

Please reply here if you have any info.

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Blessing alarm clock
by: Vickie

Thank you for sharing your knowledge about the clock. It works fine and is in excellent condition. Vickie

German Alarm Clock
by: Bill

Hi Vicky,

German clocks like yours were made as top of the line items in the early to middle 1900's. They were sold in Europe and America (except during the World Wars).

Your price of $40. is a good one. If the clock is in good condition and runs, it would be worth a little over $100. in an antique store in the US.

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