Black mantle clock

by Faye Gilreath
(Cloudland, GA)

Faye's mantle clock

Faye's mantle clock

This mantle clock has been in my family for generations. Unfortunately, when I was young, I let someone refinish it.

The columns in front originally had horizontal brownish and yellowish stripes, and the caps above and below them were a greenish color with gold colored marbling.

The person who refinished this just painted over all that with gold paint on the columns and black paint over the marbled part. It was very disappointing. I still wonder if those areas could be restored to the original look?

I believe it is an eight day clock, but not positive. I believe it is an Ingraham, but not positive about that either. Any help would be appreciated.

I am uploading a photo of my clock. Thank you. Faye

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