Black Forest hunters cuckoo clock

by Lacey S.
(Chicago, Illinois)

Hunter Cuckoo Clock

Hunter Cuckoo Clock

My boyfriend's uncle was in World War 2. While he was serving in Germany, he had purchased a cuckoo clock for each of his siblings from the Black Forest shop in Germany. Well, my boyfriend's dad had one of these clocks, and had recently given it to us. My boyfriend remembers growing up seeing it displayed on the wall but never used.

We tried it out and it works! It is almost in perfect condition, except the cleaning lady accidentally knocked a horn ornament off the front of it.

All I know for sure is the clock is a hunters edition made in the Black Forest shop. My question is.....I would like to know more about this clock and its history, anyone knows anything about it? I tried to research it and found a picture of it on a website from the Black forest, though this clock isn't made anymore it has some similar replicas.

I found the makers name and two serial numbers as well as a stamped emblem inside the clock; made by Albert Schwab Karlsruhe. The numbers inside are GM 17040751705294 & 16490001674539....I included pictures, one being of the broken off horn. In case the pictures are hard to see, on the left is a jack rabbit and on the right it may be a wood pecker, both upside down. In the middle on the bottom it’s a saddle, which above it the horn was attached to it. There are two crossed rifles under the dear head. Inside the cuckoo bird is blue with an orange beak. Also the eyes on the rabbit are red with black dots in the center, the birds are solid red, and the deer has black eyes.

Maybe this will help, since some of the replicas I saw were not exactly like this. Some actually had right side up animals and the pine cone shaped weights were set off to the side, mine are dead centered.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me research the history of this clock or even the value just for curiosity. Thank you for your time, Lacey

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