Battery operated clock, pendulum won't swing

The clock works, the arm that holds the pendulum works (swings back and forth just fine). However, as soon as you mount the actual pendulum on the arm, it will swing to a slow stop. This is the second battery operated clock I have had this problem with.

Is there some trick to fix this or do I need to replace battery movement?

And, what is causing this to occur? Cheap movement, someone moved with pendulum attached, something fell off?

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by: Anonymous

The clock was never a wind up. I have heard that quartz clocks run best with Duracell Copper Top Batteries. That there is some connection problem with regular batteries and the Duracell Copper Tops fix a lot of problems, such as dead pendulum. However, I have 2 clocks with this problem, and the Duracell did not fix the problem. ANYONE WITH ANSWERS??????? STILL SEEKING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM-------

pendulum won't swing
by: gb

I came to this site seeking an answer to the same exact problem...the mechanism swings, but the pendulum won't....I was think it is a balance issue, but it's perfectly balanced. I also experimented with moving the pendulum to different heights on the rod. Did anyone ever figure this out?

Pendulum Issue Carries On...
by: Anonymous

Nope, both clocks were originally quartz movement-have paperwork on one to prove and other I bought new that way. I hear this from people all the time, but no one seems to have a fix, other than trying to replace the entire interior battery mechanism. I know magnets are involved with the pendulum swinging. However, if it was a magnet problem, the part that holds the pendulum wouldn't swing at all when the pendulum is removed, and it does on both clocks.

Pendulum via quartz
by: Anonymous

Your clock was more than likley a wind up movement and was replaced wih a quartz movement such as ours. The shop that we took it to told us the pendulum would not swing. better than no clock at all I guess. The quartz lasted 12 years - until yesterday

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