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Correction to post...
by: Josh

I was able to read the name when I got home (wife read it wrong) The clock maker is William Marshall of Scotland. I have a pics now of an identical clock that I found on the web (only difference is the painting on the movement). The identical clock is vaklued at $5000.

Just wondering if anyone knows anything more about William Marshall clocks that I should know about. According to the internet he lived from 1748-1833. That would make the clock around 200 yrs old.

I would attach the pics but I dont know how to at this point.

william marshall
by: w. medford

I also have a grandfather clock made by william marshall of scotland. I purchased it from a dealer that got it from a castle in scotland. Marshall was employed by the
Duke of Gordon for many years. He was also a composier of music,composed over 257 pieces, a fiddler and clock maker.His biography stated only three of his clocks survived.One of his clocks is on display at the Proviance of Moray. wnmedford@

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